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About Change By Degrees

After more than a decade leading Wayne State University as Senior Associate Provost for Student Success, Dr. Monica Brockmeyer founded Change By Degrees to help other urban, public universities and higher ed professionals attract diversity, increase retention, and grow graduation rates.Change By Degrees brings innovation, systems, collaboration and evidence-based experience to find specific leverage points for change that work for individual institutions.


Student Success is a hard job. It takes time and sustained effort across many domains to achieve lasting impact. The Change By Degrees team finds the most impactful starting points for higher education institutions to become better and stronger and help students thrive.

Celebrating Graduation Day

Desired Outcomes 

Our strategies and solutions help students, communities, and the general public see the value of universities and the degrees they award. More than just the economic value that comes from higher salaries available to degree-holding individuals, students and communities must believe that higher education advances their life goals and that society at-large benefits in the end and for the long-term.

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Key Challenges Our Clients Face


Understanding bottlenecks and attrition points along the student journey


Articulating the value chain within the university - how each person, program,and effort contributes to student success

Communicating ROI for student success



Identifying which solutions will work for individual institutions


Avoiding overwhelm by the volume of available solutions


Enduring the longevity that is required to make true change in student success


Managing Student Success while also meeting competing, mission-driven demands, in an environment that is changing more rapidly than employees can adapt

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