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Case Study

Wayne State University

At Wayne State University in Detroit, Dr. Monica Brockmeyer took the lead in developing a comprehensive student progress monitoring and intervention framework. To achieve this, she rallied key stakeholders across the campus and formed cross-functional action teams.


Together, they created a framework that monitored not just attendance, grades, and student engagement, but also critical indicators such as registration status, satisfactory academic progress (SAP), balances, holds, and alerts raised by advisors, academic staff, faculty, and other members of the campus.


Monica's leadership resulted in a comprehensive approach to student success that effectively integrated the efforts of various departments and functions within the university. The framework empowered academic advisors with the tools they needed to proactively identify students who were at risk of falling behind and provide them with the support they needed to get back on track.


The impact of this framework was significant. Students benefited from personalized support, and the university saw improvements in retention and graduation rates. The culture at Wayne State University also shifted, as the campus became more focused on student success and the community more engaged in supporting students.


Monica's expertise and leadership demonstrate the power of collaboration and a data-driven approach to driving student success.

University Students

Case Study

Wayne State University

Life coaching

Wayne State University in Detroit saw a significant change in its approach to academic advising through the leadership of Dr. Monica Brockmeyer, the founder of Change By Degrees. Monica, who served as Senior Associate Provost for Student Success, designed and implemented a strategic academic advisor hiring initiative over a three-year period. The goal was to provide more individualized and proactive support to students, and to do so, 45 academic advisors were hired and embedded within the different schools and colleges of the university.

The results of this initiative were remarkable. By having academic advisors who were trained in providing compassionate and professional guidance, students received support that was tailored to their unique needs and goals. This individualized approach allowed students to receive proactive advice that helped them stay on track and make the most of their university experience.

To ensure the success of this initiative, Monica created an advisor training academy to provide ongoing support to the academic advisors. This not only helped the advisors improve their skills and knowledge, but it also created a culture of continuous learning and improvement at the university.

The impact of Monica's academic advisor initiative at Wayne State University was profound. By providing students with individualized support and guidance, they were able to navigate the complexities of university life with greater ease. This, in turn, led to an increase in student success and graduation rates. The culture change at the university was significant, as the focus shifted from just getting students through university to helping them thrive and reach their full potential.

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